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Seated and small-space exercises, Boxing Fitness, Relaxation and Mindfulness Emotional Management.

Why Wellbeing at Work Matters

Moderate physical activity that slightly increases the heart rate can be sustained over long periods of time without causing extreme fatigue or overwork, providing significant health benefits:

1. Stress reduction

Relieve stress with exercise. Exercise releases endorphins, the "happy hormones" that make you feel good and relieve tension. Regular exercise also improves sleep, which is important for maintaining emotional balance and reducing the negative effects of stress.

2. Muscle strengthening

Moderate exercise has a direct effect on increasing muscle strength, allowing the muscles to adapt to the effort required. This process improves our physical endurance, making it easier to perform daily tasks without tiring prematurely.

3. Improved functioning of the organism

Exercise benefits the body by improving circulation and increasing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. It also regulates cholesterol levels and strengthens the immune system, reducing the risk of illness.

In today's work environment, emotional well-being is key. Not only does it influence decision-making and stress management, but it also contributes to positive relationships. It has also been shown to strengthen physical health and promote a full and long life.

1. The positive emotions and their impact on the health

Positive emotions, such as joy, love and gratitude, affect our well-being and health by improving mood, strengthening the immune system, reducing stress, fostering healthy relationships, increasing resilience and helping us to face life's challenges.

2. Negative emotions and their effect on well-being

Poorly managed negative emotions, such as fear and anger, damage our mental and physical health, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and weakening the immune system.

In a highly competitive labour market, employee well-being, both physical and emotional, has become essential. Organisations have realised that fostering this well-being not only improves the quality of life for employees, but also boosts business results.

1. Reduction of absenteeism

Promoting emotional and physical well-being in the workplace reduces absenteeism. Healthy employees are less likely to be absent due to illness or personal problems, ensuring business continuity.

2. Stress reduction

In the challenging world of work, our wellness programme is a beacon of hope. Through relaxation techniques, revitalizing exercises and strong emotional support, we open the door to a healthier and more balanced work environment.

3. Improvement of work environment

Prioritising the physical and emotional wellbeing of employees is not only an investment in their health, but also in the success of the business. A happy team is a positive working environment where motivation and creativity flourish, leading to exceptional results in performance and efficiency.

4. Promoting effective communication

Wellbeing drives collaborative innovation. In an environment where people feel physically and emotionally supported, communication flows freely and creative ideas and innovative solutions emerge from collaboration and teamwork.

5. Increased productivity

Employee health and balance are key to increasing productivity. Promoting physical and emotional wellbeing directly improves the quality of work performed.

6. Boosting the company's growth

Employee wellbeing drives business growth, increases engagement, reduces turnover and attracts talent, enhancing reputation and ensuring long-term success.

How To Get Your Continuous Wellbeing

Forget long sessions at the gym. Choose our short and effective workouts from the comfort of your home or office, with our online sessions and no clothing or space restrictions.

1. Accessible to everyone

Exercising moderately, without changing clothes or using special equipment, has a major advantage: accessibility. This modality is ideal for people of all ages and physical conditions and can be practised in small spaces at home or in the office.

2. Time savings

In today's busy world, finding time to exercise can be difficult. But with our short, simple routines, even in a chair and without changing clothes, you can make the most of those rare free moments.

3. Small space, big results

Many people face the challenge of lack of space when exercising. There is no need for a large gym, however, as a small space at home or in the office can be used to perform a variety of effective exercises to strengthen our bodies and improve our physical condition.

Use our Continuous Wellness Space at any time of the day, paying particular attention to situations that indicate you need to take an active break.

1. When you feel muscular aches and pains due to:
  • Effects of sedentary lifestyle
  • Muscle tension and fatigue from repetitive loads
  • Muscle stiffness by awkward postures
  • Decreased muscle tone due to emotional stress
2. When you need high concentration by:
  • Important meetings
  • Complex or detailed tasks
  • Presentations and speeches
  • Collaborative team-work
  • Tight deadlines
  • Noisy or distracted environments
  • Attending clients or patients
  • Operations and surgeries
  • Data analysis and problem solving
  • Strategy development and decision making
  • Quality Control and testing
  • Negotiations and contracts
  • Creative work and design
  • Audits and reviews
  • Intensive training and education
3. When you need to regain your emotional balance by:
  • Overwork and burnout
  • Conflicts and tensions in the work environment
  • Overload of responsibilities and pressure
  • Lack of recognition and appreciation
  • Difficulties in work-life balance
How long should a break during the working day last

The length of a break may vary depending on individual needs and the nature of the work. However, it is recommended to take short breaks of 5 to 10 minutes every hour to stretch, move and rest the mind.

What you can do during the break

Watch our exercise videos that can be easily followed visually and listen to guided meditations and techniques to regulate your emotions.

  • You can try our quick relaxation techniques.
  • Follow our stretching sessions or gentle exercises that will help you reduce muscle tension, increase circulation and improve concentration.

Discover the latest wellness trend: small daily doses of exercise. Each 10-minute session is a triumph for your wellbeing. An innovative way to stay active and healthy with minimal effort and time.

1. Cumulative Benefits / Continuous Wellness

Short sessions of physical activity, although less intense than an hour's training, make a significant contribution to overall health and well-being when done consistently over time.

2. Greater commitment to exercise

A common reason for not exercising is lack of time. Opt for daily doses to maintain commitment and consistency. Find short chunks of time rather than blocking off an entire hour.

3. Adaptable to different lifestyles

Incorporating short periods of exercise into our daily routines, whether at work, at home or on the move, improves our ability to adapt to different lifestyles and increases the chances of maintaining a consistent practice.

4. Reduced risk of injuries

Getting moderate exercise every day not only improves your health, but also reduces the risk of injury by spreading it out throughout the day.

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